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Yes, I am using the F word again. Fundraising can bring nightmarish images to many moms who have participated in programs that promise to ease the financial burden their little rug rat’s activities has caused the family.  Most of the time these programs seem like more work than they are worth and I end up avoiding the fundraising hassle and just writing the check.  However, Enjoy the City coupon book fundraiser has changed the mind of this cynical cheer mom.  Now anything involving coupons cannot be half bad, so they immediately had my attention.


This program is great.  The books provide coupons for many services in a particular city.  They range from restaurant deals to entertainment ideas such as baseball games and movie tickets.  Your organization can sell these books for $20 easily. Most of the coupons are a $10 to $20 value, meaning the book is “paid” for with one or two purchases and you have hundreds more coupons to use over the coming year.  I have seen first hand the ease of this program. One of my co-workers sold me a book from her child’s fundraiser, and I do not buy items peddled for fundraisers, that is unless I think it is a good deal and will benefit my family.  That book definitely helped our budget when it came to eating out. So I am sold.


Starting today Enjoy the City is making their fundraising program even more profitable with their holiday promotion. While they are a great fundraiser idea, the elf program is dedicated to individual use. Gather a few of your friends and place an order for a great deal. They are offering 50%  and free shipping on orders of 3 books or more and a bonus special of buy 25 books get 25 books free.  Talk about getting the most band for your buck. Simpy use the promo code cheer mama drama when placing your order to receive these great deals.

Now is the time, just go to  to purchase your coupon books. This offer is good for their coupon books and online offers.  Here is how to get started saving. PS, these books make great Christmas gifts.

   You have 2 options:

    PROMOTION: 50% off & Free Shipping on orders of 3 or more.  BONUS PROGRAM OUTLINED BELOW. 

$20 City Books @ 50% off will be $10.  That’s 3 books for $30 ($10 unit price). Bonus: order 25 City Books, get 25 City Books free – that’s 50 City Book for $250 ($5 avg unit price). 

$12 iEditions @ 50% off will be $6.  That’s 3 books for $18 ($6 unit price).  Bonus: order 25, get 50 free -  that’s 75 iEditionbooks for $150 ($2 avg unit price).

Minimum 3 effective November 21, 2013 through December 19, 2013 at midnight CST.

        Follow “Steps to Apply the Code” (note: you must click “Proceed to Checkout” to see the discount at the bottom of the next page).  The code is cheer mama drama. 


1.       The blogger code is applied at the basket (code summary will appear in red), and the system will reflect the discounted amount on the following screens.  Make sure the discounted amount appears BEFORE you submit your order.

2.       The Order Confirmation/Receipt will only reflect the books you pay for. Bonus books will not be reflected on the Order Confirmation/Receipt but will be fulfilled in the internal redemption system.

6.       Promo Code is required on the order.

7.       No Refunds, Adjustments, or Returns on Orders with a Promo Code!

8.       Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

9.       Enjoy the City coupons must not be copied.   Selling Enjoy the City Coupon Books purchased online is prohibited – via Ebay or other e-commerce including but not limited to Facebook or other social media.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over now and get started on your fundraising program for the new year. I am on my way right now, Happy Fundraising everyone.



  1. oooh. I LOVE buying these booklets. They’ve always saved us so much money and are definitely worth it. Thanks for sharing the promo!

  2. I keep seeing a friend talk about these books on FB but I didn’t realize it was a coupon book! That’s a fantastic idea for a fundraiser!

  3. These sound like a great deal!

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I volunteer at an organization that might be interested in this. I’ll pass on the information.

  5. Our school does Mass (massachusetts) Pass books, which contain coupons to local businesses and I love it. There are discounts for restaurants, stores and services. It’s actually something that we can use.

  6. This sounds like a great deal. We are always looking for ways to save money around here so I ‘ll be sure to check this out!

  7. Now this is a fundraising idea that I could get behind. I’m so tired of the useless things that my boys’ school sells.

  8. I really like this idea, I was just brainstorming ways to get the attention of my community to do some fundraising this year. I will check them out, thanks!

  9. Wow this a great idea! I love the booklets! I was looking for something similar to this to help my dad raise money for his cancer fund!

  10. I really think this is a great idea, thanks for passing along!

  11. This is such a great idea! A lot of people are into books and this will really help a lot of people!

  12. Thanks for the promo code. I love saving, and ESPECIALLY love saving this time of year!

  13. This should make fundraising so much easier, you can actually provide something useful other than the standard candybars. Love the idea of providing people savings opportunities.

  14. I don’t like most of the fundraisers the school sends home, this one seems like a great idea!

  15. we need new fundraisers. ours are all just not doing well in town :(

  16. We bought one of these when we first bought our house. One of the kids from the local high school was selling them as we were moving in so we bought one. We didn’t use it much but don’t mind helping the local youth.

  17. My mom buys my husband and I one of those every year for Christmas. The trick is remembering to use it!

  18. I love these booklets! I’m going to pass this info on to my son’s school!

  19. Do you know if they would let Homeschool groups or families use them?

  20. This sounds like a very easy-to-use fundraising program. And I love that there is a national option in case your city isn’t in the regional drop-down.

  21. Helping people save money sounds like a great way to raise funds!

  22. I have seen this before but never really checked into it. Thanks for explaining it so well.

  23. I love this for another fundraising option. Who couldn’t use a fun evening in the city?

  24. I love this idea for fundraising. It is a win/win in my book!

  25. I love these types of books. They do them for our local school system and they help us save money for sure.

  26. We sold these coupon books for my sons band class. They were very easy to sell and the kids made enough money to pay for their D.C. trip.

  27. This looks like a great way to raise money for events!

  28. What a great idea – I love that you can give to somewhere important while getting something to help you sometimes it’s hard to be able to afford to just give. x

  29. I love these money saving coupon books~!

  30. I’m never that thrilled about fundraising. But coupon books seem to be one of the better sellers in our area.

  31. What a great fundraising option… This year Little Man’s school gave us the option of making a donation instead of going around trying to sell things.

  32. These look like some great little books. I will have to check them out.

  33. I used to get their books all the time. I had actually forgotten about them until now. Thank you for the reminder.

  34. My son bought one home from school asking me to sell them for him. They were doing fundraising. They’re a really great idea.

  35. I’ve actually purchased a few of these throughout the years… but I never knew how it worked.

  36. My sons school is selling these books right now. I am always a good fundraiser, but not this time. I actually love the layout, the graphic design and I think the price is awesome. If I were doing it myself and got to choose what the coupons were inside, we would be rocking this fundraiser. I’m glad I read this post, because I feel like I can do this to help out with the costs of two kids in private school and plenty of activities.

  37. Can never go wrong with coupons! That is a great fundraising idea :D

  38. we have these books and loves them, helps when you have 5 kids!

  39. This seems like a good way to do fund raising. It is a different and unique approach.

  40. I’ve used booklets like this before and they are always such a great deal! I’ve found great new places to shop and eat with them too

  41. My brother actually runs a business with a very successful book of coupons like this for his area of the country. He’s probably been doing it for over 30 years. My point in saying that is that these kinds of books are well worth having obviously, because people want to buy them every year. They’re not available for my town area though. Poo.

  42. I love this idea. My kids have sold similar things when they play sports and I just love them.

  43. I would much rather buy a coupon book than trinkets.. Awesome!

  44. This is a fantastic idea!

  45. We have bought coupon books like these in the past. Oftentimes, as the purchaser, you make your money back after using just a couple of coupons. I agree, they are easy sellers since unlike most fundraisers, the value the customer receives is more than what they are spending.

  46. Fundraising can be the absolute pits. I’m glad to hear you found something that is making it easier!

  47. Fundraising can be a real challenge but there are so many resources now that it makes it a little easier.

  48. I’ve never heard of Enjoy the City.. My neice and nephew sells SO MUCH STUFF!!! As the aunt, I always feel like I have to buy at least 1 thing from each kid! ugh! Fundraising………….

  49. these booklets are so cool, my friends son use to sell them every year. So much money saved!

  50. These look amazing! Love deal books!

  51. This is a great fundraising idea. I have purchased these type of books before and it is very easy to recoup your money back and so much more.

  52. How cool! I was just talking to a parent at our kids school about fundraising for supplies needed in the classroom. I’m going to see if these are in Vegas!

  53. These books are great! They can save you a lot of money.

  54. I have never heard of Enjoy the City books before! It’s great that there are options like these for fundraisers.

  55. I think these booklets would save us a lot of money. These fundraising ideas would also be great for raising money for the graduating class at my school.

  56. We always try to purchase these when we vacation in large cities as you can usually save a ton.

  57. With the world as it is now a days, people need to save. This is a really great book that helps people save. Good luck with the fundraising!

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