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I love shoe shopping with my girls. I especially love it during the Fall months. My girls have multiple pairs of cute boots.  A really cute pair of boots would definitely come in handy. There is one big problem. I wear a size 11. Most boots in that size either look like work boots or cow wrangling foot wear.  Just because my feet are a little on the big size does not mean I don’t have fashion flare. So, I was so excited when Barefoot Tess contacted me to do a review. This company specializes in large size shoes.  This site is amazing, so many fashionable styles of shoes.  I clicked on the boot tab and there it was, the most AMAZING BOOTS. So many styles, just like the ones my girls find in the mall shops.  After browsing the selections, I picked the B.F.T. Cortez style.  These are just what I wanted.  But I was also concerned about how they would fit, most calf high boots usually give my legs claustrophobia. They are the large size specialist so I though I would take a chance. I ordered them and eagerly waited for my cool shoes.


When they arrived I was not disappointed. The Cortez boots were just as stylish in person as on the site.  When I put them on I was quite surprised. First of all the inner liner is fur filled and quite warm, but still comfortable.  There was plenty of room for my foot, so I did not feel cramped. Along with plenty of room for my foot, my calves did not feel squeezed. The fit was perfect. Now for the real test, what would my girls think.  When my girls came home from school, my oldest said “Cool boots, are they mine?”  I officially received the style seal of approval.


I wore them to the middle school basketball game that night.  All the cheer moms complimented my new shoes.  I even received multiple sweet comments from my cheer chicks like, “Cute boots Ms. Chrishelle” and “I want a pair” That’s right teen girls wanted a pair of shoes this cheer mom was rocking.  The boots were very comfortable for walking up and down the bleachers.  The fur liners kept my feet warm and cozy, but not sweaty.

Needless to say I love my new boots.  I am already browsing the Barefoot Tess site for my next pair. They have made an art of collecting some of the most stylish large size options in one place. I highly recommend this site and the Cortez boot by B.F.T.  Now I can be just as stylish as my cheer chick.

I received compensation in the form of a product, but all opinions are 100% honest and my own.


  1. The picture of you and all the cheer girls is too cute! I love those boots. I am a sucker for ugg-style boots.

  2. These are SO CUTE! I checked out the site and I have two friends with large shoe sizes to recommend this to. I like the cowboy boots and the wellies too . . . so much great SHOES!! THANKS.

  3. Cute boots!

  4. Alaina Bullock says:

    I love these boots! they look so warm and comfy! I have been looking for a new pair, and am definitely headed to the Barefoot Tess site to check out their other selections!

  5. those are very cute!! i wear boots all the time

  6. those boots = my heart right now! I am so buying me a pair! thank you! I love the fur!

  7. That’s great that there is a company that specializes in bigger size boots. Love the picture of your with the cheerleaders!

  8. Aw, they truly are cute! I love these UGG-style boots for winter. Warm and comfy. And I adore the photo with you and the cheerleading showing off your new boots!

  9. You sure are Rockin those boots. I have never heard of BareFoot Tess, but With the cold and the snow coming my way, I need to head over and find myself a pair of boot to Rock for myself. When you can find a boot that is both stylish and comfortable, you got to buy it before someone beats you to it.

  10. I love those boots! I have never heard of BarefootTess before either. Will have to check them out. I have big feet but usually wear Uggs during the winter because they are sized larger than usual shoes. If I can find my size here I will surely get a pair.

  11. I have such trouble buying boots-not so much my foot size but I have a HIGH arch and very thick calves!! And I so desperately need a pair this year–so off to this site I will go to see what they might have for me.

  12. Those boots are lovely they look so snuggly and warm as well :) . I’ll have to have a look out for some :) x

  13. Those boots are wicked cute and they look so warm and toasty! I love them!

  14. These boots look comfy! I love that you got your cheer ladies to help you model them! Looks great!

  15. Melanie S. says:

    Love the boots. It’s too bad they don’t offer smaller shoes sizes in wide widths. It’s so hard to find cute shoes in wide.

  16. Those look so warm and cozy, and they coordinated well with the girls’ colors! I love your photo with the entire team. :)

    I’m glad you were able to find such a cute pair in your size! I am between a 9.5 and a 10 in boots and sometimes have a difficult time finding ones that will fit, so I know it’s a struggle sometimes! And is it just me, or do several companies this fall seem to be selling boots and shoes that run ridiculously small?! I feel like I have had to size up in so many brands lately.

  17. Those boots are so cute! I love the style. I bet they are super warm.

  18. I do have pretty big feet. I can never find the shoes I like in my size! I will have to check them out, they are adorable shoes!

  19. Those are some very stylish boots. I can see why the cheerleaders would want their own pair!

  20. Darling pic of you and the cheerleaders. …sweet black boots too!! Wish I could wear them here in TX…maybe soon,but not today…A/c on right now…hot!

  21. Super cute boots…and you know they are good when your kids want to steal them!

  22. Awww, those are the cutest! They look nice and warm too! What great photos!

  23. That’s so great that this company specializes in larger sizes. Super cute boots!

  24. These boots are really nice and I love how warm and fuzzy they look. Boots of all different styles are really all the rage this season and I think these would be perfect for the cold winters we experience here in New York City.

  25. You look so happy in your new boots! I have the opposite problem, my feet are teeny & it’s hard to find shoes that aren’t too childish :P

  26. My daughters cheer coach has boots that look just like that.

  27. Those are so cute, I would love to have a pair. One of the downfalls of living in Florida is that they would probably be a little too warm.

  28. Those are really cute and hey, if they get the approval of all of those cheerleaders, that is all you need. I do think they are very stylish and would be wonderful for those who live in cold weather states.

  29. I always know an outfit, pair of shoes or purse I have is on point style wise when my teenie bopper asks if it is her item!

  30. They are a nice looking pair of boots. And look warm to “boot”. Go ahead and and keep styling!

  31. Super cute and cozy! I LOVE the picture!

  32. Cute boots and I love the photos of you with the cheer squad.

  33. I love those boots, they are so adorable. I want them!

  34. They are cute–If I had a pair I’m sure my daughter would snag them up in a minute! =)

  35. I love it! It’s so classy and produces a “dominant woman” feel.

  36. I’m a size 10 so I feel your pain!! Love these, they’re super cute boots!

  37. These are such adorable boots!

  38. I love wearing boots. In Wisconsin they are a must have. Snow and cold!!! These look warm and comfy! Thanks for sharing…I will be checking them out.

  39. very cute and they look so comfy!

  40. They are super cute! I need a new pair of comfy boots for this year, and I’ll be checking these out.

    The picture of you with all the cheerleaders is awesome.

  41. Love those boots! Don’t need them in the desert, but gee, if I were still in Denver, I’d have myself a pair in an instant!

  42. Those boots rock indeed! I love them! And the girls’ team is so sweet :)


  43. I WANT those boots… nevermind… I MUST HAVE them!

  44. Those look incredibly comfy!

  45. These are really cute, furry boots!

  46. Those look really warm and comfy! Cute too!

  47. Those boots look awesome! That is exactly what I need in our cold Idaho climate! LOVE them!

  48. Those boots look so comfy and cute!

  49. I love that the girls are so supportive of you and your endeavors! Looks like they had fun in the photo :)

  50. Those boots are great and you are definitely rocking them!

  51. cute and comfy! love the picture of the girls and you!

  52. Those really are cute, you stylish mama you. No wonder the girls wanted some. My daughter has size 10 feet so she can find stylish shoes, but they’re always gone in her size because they don’t order that many. :(

  53. Cute! I love warm and fuzzy boots for cold weather days.

  54. Cute shoes for being a larger size. I too have had problems finding shoes in size 11 that were cute and stylish. My daughter and I both wear an 11 and only time we find cute shoes are if we pay full price since they’re never on sale/clearance.

  55. Love how these girls clearly love you! And super cute boots, too, by the way. :)

  56. These are adorable! And looks so comfy! I want a pair.

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