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I love that my kids enjoy being involved with multiple teams, clubs, and volunteer organizations. It seems to give them a feeling of pride and accomplishment as well as bonding with the other kids in that group. My oldest girl is a member of the Varsity Cheerleaders, Beta Club, 4H, One Act Drama, and is being inducted into National Honor Society. Oh and that does not include her all star cheer team. That list of extra curricular activities is for just one child. I have three kiddos, so triple that previous club list.

This time of year it seems that every one of their groups wants to have a holiday party. And I think that is great. That is until my monsters inform me we have 5 parties that week and I am expected to provide a treat for each get together.  Ahhhh, I am not Betty Crocker and store bought goodies can be very expensive. Thank goodness my sister saw my panic and provided some help in the form of an easy to make buttercream frosting. I can whip up some cupcakes from a boxed mix, and then add the homemade buttercream and  decorations and I look like Martha Stewart.  My sis is an amazing baker and I have always loved her buttercream frosting, but always assumed it was too hard to make.  Needless to say, if I can successfully master this recipe everyone should be able to recreate it without any problem. So here is the most delicious and easiest frosting recipe you will ever make.



1 15 ounce box confectioner’s sugar

1 stick unsalted softened  butter

1/2 cup shortening

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp. milk

In a bowl or stand mixer, cream butter and shortening. After ingredients are creamed add vanilla extract.  With your mixer on medium speed begin to add confectioner’s sugar a cup at a time. Let sugar thoroughly mix in before adding the next cup.  After all confectioner’s sugar is combined add milk to get desired consistency, creamy but firm.

At this point you can either add color to the frosting or apply it to the cupcakes. I use a sandwich bag with the tip of one end cut off to apply my icing. Decorate with sprinkles or candy.


This recipe is so super simple my teen girls, who also do not possess any Food Network cooking skills, can easily whip up this frosting.  Have fun during these holiday parties and happy frosting everyone.

Oh yeah, if you like this recipe check out About  A Mom blog. This is where my sis blogs and she is amazing. There are so many great recipes and craft ideas, check her out.


  1. My family LOVES buttercream. This is similar to my recipe!

  2. Oh my yummy! I LOVE a good buttercream, this sounds fantastic. The cupcakes look tempting, I could eat way more than I should!

  3. Those are such cute treats!! Buttercream frosting is so easy and a huge hit for all the kids to enjoy on their goodies! It’s quite popular around here too.

  4. This sounds like the recipe my grandmother used to make icing. If you add a little cocoa powder to it, it is also a wonderful chocolate frosting!

  5. I love butter cream frosting, there are so many ways you can switch it up too! Thanks for the recipe

  6. I use the sandwich bag method of frosting cupcakes, too – and love butter cream frosting. Those little cupcakes are just adorable.

  7. i make a very similar buttercream!!

  8. Amy Desrosiers says:

    What adorable, and festive sweet treats these are!

  9. Buttercream is my favorite frosting and those cupcakes are adorable!

  10. This recipe sounds awesome! I love those cupcakes!

  11. I like the foil cup cake liners for the holiday. Butter cream is yummy! My recipe is about the same but I use a little trick with the wet ingredients followed by the confection sugar. Happy Holidays!

  12. I think I could eat buttercream frosting with a spoon and never worry about putting it on a cupcake or cake! Love the little gingerbread men!

  13. Ahh your gingerbread cookies are so friggin adorable!! They look so utterly delicious!! We too love making our frosting from home. We’ll have to give your butter cream recipe a shot!

  14. It’s so the worst when these kinds of things overlap and there’s no one to help at the time. I’ve been there and done that one too. ;) The cupcakes are festive and adorable!

  15. I’ll have to try making this!

  16. I love buttercream frosting! Your recipe sounds easy enough to make it at home. Your cupcakes turned out super cute too!

  17. I have no food network skills either!

  18. These are too cute! I love the gingerbread men on top!

  19. My Grandma makes the best buttercream frosting ever! They look so cute and I am sure your kids loved them!

  20. Those are adorable decorations on those cupcakes! That recipe not only sounds good but one that even I could make.

  21. I’ve never tried to make butter cream! How cool – plus those cupcakes look ADORABLE! Great job!

  22. Hahaha – when I saw your cupcakes, I immediately thought of my six year old, who would lick the frosting all off of his and leave the cupcake part.

  23. Those would make for some very happy kids! They’re darling cupcakes too, and the buttercream sounds so good!

  24. oh my goodness those are adorable! I love this idea and so going to have to try this – my kids would love this!

  25. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is for the party, butter cream icing is always a great thig to send.

  26. You are so talented! I wish I could make sweet treats that look as good as these!

  27. Yum! These look delicious and adorable!!

  28. These look so fun! Great treat for the cheer girls! I personally love buttercream and make cakes…. so awesome! :)

  29. We love buttercream frosting and sweets are always a hit at parties. Great idea.

  30. We are starting our baking tomorrow, have to do a few test runs so we can make sure things are good! I will give this a try for our cupcakes.

  31. I’ve always wanted a recipe for an easy and yummy butter cream icing and now I have it! Thank you for sharing.

  32. Wow, you’re super talented. Want to come to my house and make the same thing!!!?

  33. Butter cream is so easy to make and can be tastier than any other frosting, thanks for sharing your recipe

  34. Gosh those look so good, better than my cupcakes for sure!

  35. This does seem like a very simple but yet tasty frosting recipe. I think I will have to try this over the holidays. You do have a very busy life!

  36. This nds yummy. I love decorating cupcakes. Oh and your kids have a really busy schedule.

  37. those are super cute. I’m sure any child would love to help make that and of course – eating it is the best part!

  38. These are so adorable! I didn’t realize it was so easy to make buttercream frosting. I’ve always bought canned frosting because I thought homemade was hard to make!

  39. I’ll be using this recipe Saturday for my post-Thanksgiving get together here in India :)

  40. These cupcakes are way to cute! Love the decor on them!

  41. I love those cupcakes!! Thanks so much for the recipe :) I Pinned it!

  42. I love butter cream frosting but my recipe always seems to be missing something. I am going to try to add the shortening and see how it comes out.

  43. I’m glad you like my buttercream frosting enough to share it!

  44. Those are the CUTEST treats!!!

  45. Wow those are a lot of holiday parties you’ll be attending, you’re going to be so partied out by the end of the week. However, I don’t think the cupcakes will have that problem they look so yummy I’m sure they’ll be devoured shortly after you arrive lol.

  46. I love using buttercream frosting. I am guilty of being store frosting though — this looks easy enough to make that I need to try it. We have some cookies to make this week and this would be the perfect frosting!

  47. I’ve always loved homemade frosting and I really like the idea that this one is so easy and quick to make. As a Working Mom, I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen so I’m always looking for convenient recipes.

  48. I would be up for a few dAys after eating a couple of those .

  49. I learned how to make my own buttercream frosting earlier this year at a cooking class. I need to try it again soon and this recipe looks perfect to me!

  50. Those cupcakes came out so cute!

  51. Super cute cupcakes for sure…and easy, which is perfect!

  52. Buttercream Rules, cream cheese drools!

  53. Gosh your kiddos are busy bees! I wish I had all that energy- I can barely keep up with work and life let alone committing to anything else, haha. And who are you kidding? You look like Betty Crocker with those cupcakes!! Yum!

  54. So delicious – you have officially made me get up and go get a tasty, sugary frosted treat! great blog.

  55. They look so cute. I love the gingerbread men on top.

  56. They look adorable & I love buttercream frosting!!

  57. Those cupcakes are so, so sweet (no pun intended)! You can’t go wrong with buttercream; I’d eat it with a spoon if I could,

  58. This is my favorite icing recipe! The cupcakes look cute and yummy!

  59. Sounds yummy. I’ve never attempted homemade frosting before. This gives me something else to try.

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