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We are in November, home of Thanksgiving and the month that makes us sappy while thinking of all our blessings.  I hope that didn’t come off sounding overly sarcastic.  I have seen many people on my FaceBook feed doing the “Thankful Thirty” or the ” Thirty Days of Thanks.”  I think it is very sweet, and I do love reading about the blessing in my friends’ lives.  I love hearing them gush about their husbands, kids, extended family, friends, pets,  jobs…… and anything else that pings that nerve that makes you say AWWWW!!! Oh how I wish I could be that sentimental.  Unfortunately anyone who has had the pleasure to get to know me will tell you I am blunt with a broken filter that lets my cynical statements ooze out sometimes, but I mean no harm and I do everything with the flare and glitz of a true cheer mom. So today I present my Thankful Thursday in my over the top, but off the cuff manner, and as always in true cheer style.


I am thankful for my husband.  Especially when he lets me sleep in and cleans his beard trimmings out of the sink.  I am thankful for him all the other times, but on these two occasions it makes me remember why I married him. Oh and let’s not forget he is not too bad to look at. I am a blessed wife.


Of course I am thankful for my kids.  I am thankful for the times they turn around before they roll their eyes at me and also for the times they talk soft enough under their breath I don’t hear it.   If you have a teenager living in your house you will understand this bit of thanks. Don’t get me wrong, I think my kiddos are the best thing since sliced bread.  Everyone knows I will brag on them in a heart beat, but they are teens.  My poor babies are in a hormone induced identity crisis. So, I guess I am quite thankful eye rolls and snarky comments are the height of their teen antics.


My family is very blessed to have an extended family. To be more specific my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law.  I am thankful that my mom knows me well enough to see when I am at my wits end and steps in to handle whatever crazy demands my loving children are making.  I am thankful that my mother-in-law did not strangle my middle child when she asked her to help with her spirit posters and then left them for her grandmother to finish all on her own.  I am thankful that  my sister-in-law has my back when the kids are complaining about something I am doing that is making their lives difficult. She listens to them intently and then says something like, ” Go kiss your Mama because she puts up with your insanity.”  Let’s bow our heads for a moment of silent gratitude to these awesome ladies.  May you forever keep my sanity intact.


I am thankful for my job, most days. It is tough to have the feeling of gratitude when you have been at work for over 14 hours and you still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Such is the life of a nursing home nurse. However,  I am very grateful for my employment every other Friday.


Oh yes and then there is cheer.  I have a great many things  to be thankful for in this area of my life.  I am thankful for Freeze It Hairspray. I am not a hairstylist, but my kids expect me to turn into one on competition days.  A good hair spray can fix any cheer hair mishap.  I am so thankful for a make-up design that does not involve glitter.  I will gladly put whatever the coach wants on my girls’ faces, but glitter seems to be like a recurrent rash.  You think it is all gone and then someone says, “Why are your eye brows sparkling?”I am thankful for a gym owner who keeps up with the trends, but also understands the value of modesty.  Crop tops are okay for the stage, but put something on to cover your tummy when you are not performing, not a suggestion, but the rules.  I am thankful for fellow cheer parents who are invested in their children’s lives.  I love parents like my bud, The Joel.  He and his wife, The Amazing Mrs. Em,  are head over heels for their cheer chick. So thankful for these kind of parents that are advocates for their child, love y’all.  I am thankful for Senior 4 Black.  My kids adore you girls and you too Chase.  Thank you for being an extended family to my kids. And finally I am thankful for CHEER.  This whole way of life has changed my children and our entire family for the better.  I am happy my girls are part of a team, concerned about their fitness, and striving to accomplish a goal.  Some people may call us a bunch of weird cheer parents, but they are the ones missing out on this amazing life we call All Star Cheer.

Thank you everyone for listening to my thankful rant.  It might not come out as sweetly as others so eloquently gush, but I know I live a blessed life.  I would not trade it for all the tea in China.  So, however you choose to put it, let the ones you appreciate in on the secret. Hope everyone has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving season.



  1. I agree with you about the glitter! It seems to always pop up even when you think it’s gone. Some of my girls clothes have glitter on them and then when I wash them, it gets all over the dryer!

  2. Haha, I love your thankfulness!! I have been doing the thankful statuses every day on Facebook. I usually don’t participate in things like that, but this year I’m in the mood for some reason. Can I blame the pregnancy hormones?!

  3. I love hearing thankful rants! :-) You have a great looking family!

  4. Lol – they call glitter the herpes of the craft world… it never goes away. ;) I am glad to see your Thankful list is so long. It seems as I get older mine increases, too! :)

  5. I love these thankful lists. You do have an awesome family!

  6. Wow your days have to be jam packed being a nurse AND a cheer mom! That’s so inspiring :)

  7. That made me smile :) . Yes, I have to agree with you about clearing the whiskers out of the sink. That’s one of my hubby’s endearing little habits as well.

  8. I too am a nurse, and I am also thankful every other Friday! LOL
    You look like you have a great family and a lot to be thankful for!

  9. You have such a fun personality! I love your slightly sarcastic take on everything. I can tell you really do appreciate your blessings.

  10. Personally, I loved your thankful rant! ;)

  11. You and I have the same kind of thankfulness! I am thankful for many many things, but I’m not the overly gushy type. ;)

  12. Your days are totally full! WOW!

  13. Nice post….you have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  14. I love all of your cheer photos. I am not coordinated enough so I didn’t even try out (well I did, but I ended up crying and running away LOL) but I always loved watching cheer performances!

  15. I am thankful that you posted this list so I could do my own! We always take a moment at Thanksgiving to say Thank You to the people around the table, but this is even better! Thank You!

  16. great post, I do not look forward to my 2 girls getting older and all the challenging times, I remember how I did that to my mom.

  17. This is such a sweet post, Chrishelle. Thank you for the mention. :)

  18. i love your thankful rant. I think everyone should have more of them.

  19. I feel you, I too, am blessed with my Hubby’s extended family… great photos, thanks for sharing

  20. This was a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it.

  21. What a wonderful and long list of things to be thankful for. I had to laugh at all of the “hormone induced identity crisis” The good thing is that it will pass.

  22. It’s so important for all of us to stop and count our many blessings (and I am so with you about less or no glitter is more!)

  23. Ha! Love this post! I am also thankful when my hubby lets me sleep! : )

  24. That is one of the best thankful posts I have seen!

  25. There are so many things to be thankful for. This is a great post that helps us all remember that.

  26. What a sweet post! And I definitely understand the teen years. :)

  27. Great post, fun life- so much to be thankful for :)

  28. I love that everyone’s thankful list is different. I enjoyed reading yours!

  29. I love the idea of not only just being thankful on Thanksgiving, but the whole month (and everyday). Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for, I have a long list too… ;)

  30. it was interesting to read about you busy life and all you have to be thankful for in you life.

  31. Loved your post too many times we see “Sad” posts and hardly ever any I’m Thankful, totally cheered me up and loved seeing your family…you sure are a busy little bee…

  32. This is my 2nd year of cheer and yes oh the joy of a good hair spray; my daughter’s hair is thick. I love my group of Mom’s as well this year they are amazing. I am thankful for good nurses like you, nursing homes need you :)

  33. Beautiful family, you DO have lots to be thankful for!

  34. Thankful rants are always amazing. I loved this.

  35. All great reasons to be Thankful! what a fabulous family you have!

  36. I am Thankful for my family and I love reading what others are Thankful and it doesn’t have to be eloquent just heart felt.. is perfect

  37. You have lots to be thankful for! Sometimes it really helps to stop for a moment and count all the little things :) Love it!

  38. You definitely have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing! :)

  39. Sounds like you have a very loving awesome family – hold onto them tight!

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