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Did you notice I completely gave up on even trying to pretend I could do anything wordless.  I love words way too much to use none or even less of them.  So with that out of the way, let me introduce you to my newest cheer addiction.  MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL CHEER!!!!!!!!!  Maddie Jane decided she would keep cheering through basketball season.  Last night was the first time Nathan and I were able to make it to one of their games.  I had a blast.  Of course we sat right beside the cheer squad, and you could feel the excitement.  Basketball Cheer is so different from football cheering.  The girls are right beside the crowd.  They stomp their feet, bang on the bleachers, and do a ton of crowd interaction.


The Panther Middle School Squad cheered for both the boys’ and girls’ games.  I did not have a child on the court, but the cheer energy was infectious.  I caught myself yelling “Go, GC” and “Get’em Lady Panthers” many times that night. Maddie’s BFF Caroline plays for the Lady Panthers and we cheered for her so loud she smiled at my husband and gave him a thumbs up as she ran down the court.  Even though the girls did not win, the cheerleaders gave them a “good job” cheer and the crowd gave them a standing ovation for their hustle and intensity during the game.


As the boys entered the gym the cheerleaders and Lady Panther Basketball team formed a tunnel and cheered them on as they entered the gym.  Then some of the Basketball chicks joined in with the cheer pack, lining the top aisles of the cheer section and doing the cheers right along with our cheer chicks. (too cool) There were many cheers for individual players followed by teen girl giggles.  All the girls screamed encouragement at the boys right up until the last buzzer.  The boys were defeated as well, but you could not tell by the crowd’s reaction.  Once again the cheerleaders gave a “good game” cheer and the crowd applauded their effort.


The evening was wrapped up with dinner at KFC, cheerleaders and parents.  I really like Maddie’s middle school coach.  We have known her for a long time in the role of an awesome teacher, but who knew what a great cheer coach she would be.  Her daughter is the captain and doing an amazing  job.  All of the cheer parents are truly cool people that I really enjoy being around.  I am glad she has another 5 years to cheer with these girls.  I can’t make it to the next game, but next Tuesday  you will see me in the Glascock bleachers with my orange and black, so ready for some more middle school basketball and cheer.  P.S. Maddie even said next year she may hang up her pom poms for basketball season so she can join the B-Ball team, who knew?


  1. Good for your daughter for keeping up the enthusiasm with cheer, and kudos for her maybe even wanting to try basketball. Now is the time for her to try out everything and see what she likes best. Have fun at next week’s game!

  2. Love it I played bball in high school it was so much fun but don’t hang up the cheer

  3. Looks like a wonderful evening. I actually played basketball in junior high but we didn’t have any cheerleaders. That would have made our games a ton of fun!

  4. I heard they were really great last night. Grandma Laura was bragging on them. I’m sorry I missed it. Luckily, we have a whole season still to get through.

  5. I love how involved and enthusiastic you are. Your kids are lucky to have you!

  6. You had me a KFC for dinner!! Every post I read, I always get nostalgic about my own cheerleading days :)

  7. You are too funny! Well, I love wordy Wednesday just as much! Love your energy and your updates are always fun to read!

  8. The girls in the photos look as if they are having such a wonderful time.

  9. What a fun time! I used to love playing basketball!

  10. I loved when my sister cheered for the basketball teams. I had way more fun at those games then the football games…plus the basketball games are indoors and it would get cold in Indiana at night! lol.

  11. Enthusiasm is contagious and while the home teams may not have won, the positive encouragement helped all of the players to try their best. That is something that I love about cheerleaders.

  12. This sounds like so much fun!! It brought back memories of my middle and high school days, going to basketball and cheering for the players.

  13. It’s great that they had a good time even though the team lost.

  14. looks like a great sport, good for them to encourage the team and the crowd.

  15. I love to watch Caleb play basketball…soon thehe games will start here. Our Tuesday evening event!

  16. I could never do a Wordless Wednesday with some words too! It’s almost like Mission Impossible! Three cheers for a great post! :)

  17. Looks like you had a great time! Love the photos! We don’t have cheerleader tradition in Spain neither Estonia.

  18. I love hearing about how cheerleading is so important (and fun!) for both of you! Good game!

  19. I love all the spirit you have at your school! That’s fantastic that everyone joined in.

  20. Oh what fun, my step-daughter cheers and loves it :) Thanks for sharing and glad everyone joined in…

  21. I am more like WORDY Wednesday too. Looks like they had lots of fun.

  22. The cheer squads are what makes a game go over the top I believe

  23. These are some great photos. It looks like it was a great game too.

  24. These are such cute photos! Looks like they all had a great time!

  25. Awesome school spirit! I think it’s great that your daughter also wants to try out for the basketball team – good for her!

  26. Looks like you had a great time!

  27. I gave up on wordless posts too! I’m too wordy too! lol
    What a fun night for your daughter! I remember being a teenager and all the fun that these sports events offered. I wan’t a cheerleader, but my friends were and they said these nights were always a highlight of their high school years.

  28. I love that this is wordy Wednesday. I like to read words with my pictures ;)

  29. I think it is great they have such a positive attitude. And I agree, I like wordy Wednesdays too. :)

  30. This was a fun post… kudos to your daughter for trying to see what Basketball is all about.. you never she may love it. My Teen always has been a runner, he loved it till about a month ago he walked into the Gym at school and they had wrestling practice, coach asked if he wanted to hang out for fun and low and behold he is now part of the Wrestling team, one of the best in just the 4 weeks he’s been there and he LOVES it!!! He can’t stop talking about how much he enjoys it.. I would have never ever guessed that Wrestling would be in my future.. our first match is Saturday…hahah >>> SOOOO let her check it out and you never know her team may need her :-)

  31. Haha, I love that you called it Wordy Wednesday! I think it is great the you support your daughter this way. I know you daughter enjoys it!

  32. Loved everything about bball games, in high school and when my son played. How much fun! Great post.

    Cathy Chester

  33. Looks like your daughter is having a great time cheering. What a great looking team!

  34. your such a great mom! love how enthusiastic you are and it sounds like your daughter loves cheerleading

  35. I cheered in HS– this brings back great memories!

  36. Aww it looks like they all had such a great time, they sound like they have so much energy!

  37. I love the school spirit it looks infectious lol.. I am glad she had so much fun and so did you…

  38. I am really a fan of my kids trying whatever they want. Both of my girls want to be cheerleaders in middle school but they both play soccer now.

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