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Cheer Up with Cheer Mama Drama

That’s right it is time for another episode of Cheer Up. If you are not a regular to my blog let me give you a quick 411 on Cheer Up. This is the first of it’s kind vlog for cheer parents. I have collaborated with Cheer Channel Inc., a major mover and shaker in the spirit industry, to bring an information filled, yet entertaining biweekly video blog. I discuss cheer news, chit chat with other cheer parents, and find money saving deals to help us balance out those  cheer fees. It has been a whole lot of fun for this veteran cheer mom to share her experience with other cheer folks.


I am super excited about this show for a couple of  reasons. First of all, my two cheer chicks join me on camera.  Becca and Maddie agreed to help me present our News Up feature, Cheer Mama Drama’s top tips to an enjoyable competition day.  It was so nice to have my girls with me in front of the camera. They did a great job with their little skits. My husband said it was because most of the pre-competition situations have actually happened to us. I think we did a great job of entertaining while we provided a little education to our cheer parents.

Cheer Up with Cheer Mama Drama

The second amazing reason I am thrilled about this episode is the appearance of our newest sponsor.  Elite Sportz Bands has come on board the Cheer Up crew.  I am happy to introduce my audience to the advantages that the back support compression band can provide your athlete. Check out Elite Sports Bands at their web site and on FaceBook.  Remember, Elite Sports Bands has got your back.

Kalon Skin Care Review: Keep your skin Healthy

Of course I am very delighted to have the continuing support of Kalon Skincare. Check them out today for a holiday gift for the cheer mom in your life.  They are having a wonderful sale through the holiday season, 50% regular price. You definitely can look amazing on a budget. New Zealand bee venom  makes all the difference, brightens and tightens you face for a more youthful look and feel.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to Cheer Up with Cheer Mama Drama.



  1. Sounds like it is a great support system for families that have girls who cheer to be able to connect. And I love that you are so supportive of your daughter’s passion.

  2. I’m newish around here, so I didn’t know about Cheer Up. What an amazing resource for cheer moms/parents out there. I have all boys, so I don’t delve much into the cheering world, so I live vicariously though you moms with daughters :)

  3. Now that sounds like an amazing idea. Any form of connection and support is always useful.

  4. Great vlog! (and the bee venom cream is something I *really* want to try!)

  5. I had never heard of Cheer Up before I started visiting your blog but love the idea of this support system for cheering parents and cheerleaders. I like the beauty tips; as the mom of a teen newly into makeup it’s great to have a place to help her start.

  6. When you have a great support system things just seem so much better. I bet your two cheer chicks were more than happy to join you on camera. How fun for all of you.

  7. What a lovely idea I love that you get to do it all together as well :) x

  8. families and girls especially need a form is support and a way to connect. This is a fabulous approach! And I love how supportive you are of their passion for Cheer!

  9. This sounds like a great resource for all cheer moms and how awesome to have a new sponsor.

  10. Wow another cheer up support! This is so wonderful and helpful for families and girls.

  11. What an accomplishment and to be able to do this with your daughters. This is going to be a great way to network fo rcheerleaders.

  12. Never heard of Cheer Up until you introduced me to it. Sounds like a great show and I’m happy for your success. Happy that the girls are also joining in as well. Keep up the good work.

  13. Great support system!

  14. This sounds like such a great resource for cheer moms & families in general :)

  15. Great video. You kept my attention throughout and you gave great tips and advice. Enjoyed watching this! You are a natural at this.

  16. The kids did a great job helping you out! Getting the uniforms ready in advance helps SO much! So with you on the positivity!

  17. Great video! your kids did a great job with helping you! I love that your family is so supportive of each other in your activities, especially cheer!

  18. I didn’t know about this supportive way – i was a (non competitive) chearleader in high school. Any time you have kids (or adults) together, there can be drama.

  19. Congratulations! What a fun thing for you to be able to do!

  20. I think this is wonderful for those that are thinking or are in cheer. The tips you mentioned are very helpful to someone that may not know what to look for.

  21. it’s always nice to have a support system in place with others who share similarities! The cheer community sounds wonderful

  22. I have all boys and one girl, who has no interest in cheering. My SIL is dating a guy who has a cheer daughter – so I will let her know about this. She could definitely find it useful.

  23. I do love the support system. Great thing you are a part of!

  24. I have a few friends with daughters that cheer, I’ll be sure to pass this info along to them. i’m sure they’d be interested in ideas to offset the cheer fees. And I love the therm “cheer chicks” that’s so cute

  25. What a great resource for cheer parents :)

  26. I bet a lot of cheer mamas wished this around ten years ago! LOL this sounds like a great resource!

  27. This is a great resource for parents of cheerleaders, awesome support.

  28. Sounds like you all did a wonderful job with the show and helped out a lot of other parents too!

  29. What a great resource and support system… One day I may have a cheer girl, too and this will come in handy.. great that you support your daughter..LOVE it.. thanks for sharing

  30. I love how much support this provides cheer families. It’s so important to network and to collaborate with other parents whose children are on the same team as your kids.

  31. The skills these ladies are absorbing from all things cheer are skills to build amazing futures for them. Great job on the show!

  32. I loved seeing Becca and Maddie in this episode of Cheer Up and great job on the latest video!

  33. That’s a great platform to communicate with other cheer parents, learn and help each other. I think kids appreciate that too.

  34. Such a great niche for cheer parents! My siblings were involved in cheer so I was involved vicariously growing up.

  35. Amy Desrosiers says:

    When I was younger I was younger, I always wanted to cheer. So happy that you are a supportive mom!

  36. As a former athlete, I know how awesome it is when partners like Elite Sportz Bands and Kalon help out. Keep on cheering!

  37. This sounds great. It is my first time hearing about it.

  38. Oh wow, what a fantastic niche you’ve found! This is like a foreign world to me but so fun to watch!

  39. I never realized how big cheer was until my son joined the basketball team at this school this year. Great resource!

  40. Bravo! I love it. I am into shows and podcasts and this is thrilling!

  41. Love seeing your girls – they just seem so sweet and balanced kiddos. Great that you have such a support network in place

  42. Great resource and a way for Cheer Moms to connect!

  43. I have quite a few friends with daughters who cheer! I’ll have to share your site with them.

  44. I keep hearing about bee venom…I’m sooo curious!

  45. Sounds like a wonderful resource, thanks for sharing!

  46. Anyway parents can support their kids, it is good. I love this idea

  47. i would have never thought bee venom would be good for your skin! Thank you for sharing.

  48. I will pass this along to the cheer moms I know. I’m sure they would love your vlog!

  49. That is great. This is my first time hearing about Cheer Up.

  50. Congrats on the new sponsor! I was never into cheer leading but it always looks so fun

  51. Such a wonderful video with great tips for cheer parents! I’ve heard of bee venom before but never knew how goof it could be for skin, going to check it out!

  52. Sounds like a great resource for cheerleaders!

  53. It’s awesome that you are helping with this resource for other cheer moms. And, even cooler that your girls join in with you and support you!

  54. A friend of mine has a 65 year old daughter that started cheer this year. I’m going to have to recommend your vlog next time we’re chatting! I’m sure it would help her :)

  55. This is awesome!
    My daughter just competed in her first competition last weekend. (They placed 2nd in their division).
    Bookmarked your site for future reference!

  56. Ooh that bee venom sounds amazing!! Love your Cheer mom tips!! Always have to share with my cheer mom friends!!

  57. I love the name “Cheer Up!” It’s so wonderful that you have found a way to get your girls more involved with your online work. Yay team! :)

  58. This sounds awesome for all the families involved.

  59. I love that your girls are joining you on camera for an episode! Your family is into cheer 100%!

  60. I love your video! Great review and I love your tips – you’re so very positive, I love it!

  61. What a fun support system!

  62. It is nice to add video to the mix of ways you communicate with your community.

  63. sounds like a fun program! how I wish I have girls someday!

  64. Fabulous, what a blog it is! This web site presents helpful facts to us, keep it up.

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