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My cheer chicks love to bring their teammates holiday goodies.  This year they are on multiple teams so I thought long and hard to come up with a treat that would be fun but inexpensive. The girls know I am way too busy to bake or make homemade candies this year.  We were stumped until Maddie’s face lit up and she shouted, “Snowman Poop” to which Becca replied, “Gross!!” I explained to Becca that Maddie and I had seen a really cool craft. You just print out the Snowman Poop poem and put some marshmallows in a bag.  Maddie decided this we needed to upgrade this plain marshmallow treat. What could we do to jazz up these plain marshmallows? Then it came to us, everything is better with chocolate and it fits the theme of the craft.  So, I came up with a couple of ways to incorporate chocolate into our snowman poop treats.


Snowman Poop

1 bag large marshmallows

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1 milk chocolate bar

In a double boiler combine chocolate chips and chocolate bar. Allow mixture to melt. When mixture is completely melted and smooth, dip half of the marshmallows in the chocolate.  Place chocolate side up on a try lined with wax paper. Place in refrigerator for at least a half hour (chocolate hardens better if placed in the fridge)


Mini Snowman Poop

1 bag mini marshmallows

3 TB sugar

2 TB cocoa powder

Combine sugar and cocoa powder in a large plastic sandwich bag and shake to mix. Pour mini marshmallows into bag and shake to coat marshmallows with sugar mixture.

I found some really cute snowman bags at the dollar store. You can find the snowman poop poem printables on a lot of blogs. Search free printable snowman poop poem.  I found a few that I like. We put a scoop of the mini marshmallows in first and then put about 5 of the large chocolate dipped marshmallows on top.  I then closed the top with two different colored ribbon that held the poem label.


I was able to make enough holiday goodies for Maddie’s whole school team plus a couple of extras for under $5 (15 treat bags). Most of the girls had never heard of snowman poop, but they were excited to try it out. The girls ate them up and also enjoyed sharing them with their other friends at the basketball game that night. I hope this helps you stay in your holiday budget while providing some fun treats for your kids to share with their friends.



  1. What a cute idea-and extremely economical! I really don’t know too many people if any who do not like marshmallows and of course chocolate!

  2. LOL, that’s hilarious. My boys would get a huge kick out of it.

  3. This is a really cute and practical gift idea to make and give

  4. That’s pretty funny, and I bet the kids did love it. It makes me laugh that it’s girls though… I’ve got a house full of boys and this would be right up their alley.

  5. This is such a cute idea. I think the boys on my son’s basketball team would really enjoy these treats.

  6. I have heard of reindeer poop but not snowman poop. I bet my kids would get a kick out of this.

  7. LOL that is funny. I was at a craft show today and bought snowman soup for my grandson. If they would have had snowman poop, I would have gotten it also.

  8. Snowman Poop sounds funny and very easy to prepare. Great idea for this holiday season, I may not make so many as you but for few guests visiting us would be fun.

  9. Perfect! Better to serve with hot cocoa and a romantic movie :)

  10. Wow, what a super adorable idea… and I love that it’s so inexpensive too! Looks like the girls loved their funny treat ;)

  11. Those are so cute! I think I’ll make some for my kiddos!

  12. ha! i love it! but we love fun poop here- my kids’ elves left wind up pooping toys today

  13. This is a cute idea. I love that you were able to make them for under $5. That is really affordable – especially during the holiday season.

  14. This is such a great idea and thrifty too!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Snowman Poop, what a fun idea. I’m sure my boys would be content just to eat the marshmallow but I love the added chocolate… yum.

  16. Oh this is so much fun!
    We did this one year as a gag gift for some of the staff at the daycare.
    It went over really well :)
    We added chocolate chips instead of dipping the marshmallows into the chocolate.
    How long did it take the marshmallows to dry?

  17. haha this is such a funny name for a treat. My kids would have a field day with these and they wouldn’t last long either. Thanks for the recipe.

  18. How fun! I’ve seen tictacs labled with snowman poop but this is cheaper and cuter! Thanks for sharing

  19. I pinned this earlier! Such a cute idea!! Cheaper and cute too!!

  20. Ha, ha, ha… this sounds great, I just about spit out my coffee when I read the title… HA

  21. Very cute. This would be perfect for my girls pre-K class, too!

    (I’ve done the bigger versions, but then I dipped them in graham cracker and made them like smores!).

  22. Helene Cohn Bludman says:

    Clever idea and sure to get some laughter from the kids (and adults).

  23. What a cute idea!! I love marshmallows but never had them dipped in chocolate. Now I want some. Kudos to you for an awesome budget idea!

  24. Oh my! This is hysterical. I especially love some of the girls’ faces in the group photo. With two boys, I’m sure we will be making snowman poop sometime in the near future. Why do children think poop is so darn funny?

  25. This is a really cute idea! I think my daughter and I will have to make some! We just got a decent snow yesterday.. but with the next snow we’ll be making a snowman and she’ll love to make some poop!

  26. Ths is such a cute idea! My daughter’s class would love these and I think they’d be okay because they are not too “Christmas” oriented. We have to stay holiday-neutral! :( Thank you!

  27. That turned out really cute. I heard they were a hit!

  28. I love snowman poop- what a great treat for the girls!

  29. Yum what an easy and tasty treat to make!

  30. This is such a cute idea! Even better that it’s also a frugal gift option for little friends.

  31. I love that. Snowman Poop! So funny but yet so creative. Little kids must really love them.

  32. That is such a good idea!

  33. I think this is so cute! I have seen reindeer poop before, but this is cuter.

  34. What a really cute idea! We make something we call Reindeer Poop, but it has Chex and white chocolate in it :)

  35. What a cute little gift! I can see this being fun to make once my kiddo is in school.

  36. Snowman poop! I love the name. I’ll give this a try with our little one. Might add some red and green sprinkles too!

  37. Yummy! Great idea- the kids in my son’s class would love this! Thanks!

  38. Aww how fun.. I bet the girls loved it. We do something similar each year with reindeer poop… Thanks for sharing, these look simple and I bet will keep my kids busy during winter break.

  39. Lol awesome idea! And cheap too!

  40. Great Idea “Mom”, that was one of those make it work moments and you came through with flying colors. What kid wouldn’t want a Snowman Pop

  41. Snowman poop is such a crazy fun idea. My kids will really like it, I am going to give it to them as a present.

  42. This is too fun! I think my son’s class would crack up!

  43. I never thought I’d want to eat poop, but this sure looks like tasty poop!

  44. Cute idea! And it looks so easy to make!

  45. This is a super cute and creative idea to give as gifts. I love gifts like this, especially if you can eat the treats. WOW my boys are going to be so thrilled. Thank you so much!!!

  46. Ha! I’ve seen reindeer poop, but never snowman! I might have to do this for my husband’s coworkers :)

  47. That is such a funny idea! And cheap to do too!

  48. OMGosh that’s hilarious! And easy… I need to try this with my daughter!

  49. Chocolate covered marshmallows are my favorite! What a super easy way to give some treats.

  50. I have seen this done w/ just marshmellows but never w/ chocolate. That is pretty hilarious.

  51. Wow this is a different idea to name a holiday treat. But it looks like it was a hit and well received. If I make them I might change the name a bit : )

  52. Ha! What a fun idea! My 6 year old would also get a kick out of Snowman Poop! I think his little Elf, Sherman may need to drop some off!

  53. This is a cute idea. My kids would go crazy over these and I am sure laugh at the name.

  54. Cute. We do out snowman poop a little different.

  55. This looks great! I love that kids want to spread the holiday cheer to their friends. :)

  56. Such a cute idea. I have to make these!

  57. I think my house full of boys would be all over this!

  58. Oh, yummy and cute! I will definitely make some of this for my kiddos, so easy!

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