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Cheer Up with Cheer Mama Drama

Okay all my cheer moms and dads, it’s time for some more cheer parent fun with Cheer Up.  I am excited to be presenting my very first vlog of 2014.  Welcome to my resolution show.  I have so many things I want to improve in my life.  My number one goal for my family  is to improve our health. I want to completely change our eating habits for the better. I said this earlier this year on my blog, out with the old and in with the new.  As a cheer mom, I have a responsibility to provide my cheer chicks with a diet that will give them all of the energy they need to make it through their intense practices.  I wanted to inspire all the cheer parents out there to help their athletes be up to the nutritionally ready as the season comes to it’s peak with National competitions.

Now here is the hard part. How are we going to get all those healthy foods into our cheerleaders? I know my kids are not lining up when I announce we are have spinach, kale, and carrots.  It is time to be a creative mom. That is when I thought of smoothies. I know I can sneak a whole lot of good-for-you food in one of those.  So, on this episode the girls join me for a smoothie taste test. We had so much fun. The girls even liked the new smoothies so much they wanted to make their own smoothie especially for their Cheer Up viewers.

That is one of the best parts of my vlog, getting to work with my girls.  They were such good sports with the taste test. I love my crazy cheer chicks. I hope all of you take my lead and spend a little time in the kitchen with your cheerleader.

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  1. Love it! Eating right is the first step (I think). I don’t eat 100% healthy, but for the most part – we do in our house. It was a big change for us, but I am glad we did it.

  2. Great message. Fueling your body is important for any sport! Smoothies are a great idea.

  3. Chasity Boatman says:

    Smoothies are a great way to be healthy! They are also delicious. I applaud you on being healthier for your family.

  4. THis is great – such an encouraging message!

  5. Smoothies are a great way to get the nutrition kiddos need, especially if they are physically active. My niece just started cheering and I was floored at how intense it is…even at just 9 years old!

  6. We love smoothies at our house. We call them milkshakes for our 2 year old and sneak in some good stuff! :-)

  7. My husband makes smoothies all the time! I’m more of a juicer and then I add the leftover pulp back in or put it into muffins for breakfast, etc. A healthy diet is very important for the body, inside and out!

  8. A healthy diet is key to prepare you body for the day (and for sports!)

  9. Spending time in the kitchen with kids is so much fun! As soon as I read that veggies were the hard part, I said ‘Smoothies!’ in my head, and lo and behold, that’s what you said next :) And to the commenter before me, calling them shakes is such a good idea!

  10. we have been incorporating more and more super foods into our family meals as well. my kids are not super excited by smoothies

  11. I love the smoothie ideas. Good for you for doing all the work for Cheer Up, so fun.

  12. My goal this year is to improve my heath too.

  13. Health seems to become even more important to me as I get older and realize I’m not immortal. ;) I agree smoothies are awesome for disguising good health!

  14. I really love that they promote healthy eating, especially for the young girls. I’ll have to check this out.

  15. Great message! It’s nice to see your girls in the videos.

  16. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    It’s great that you’ve made this decision. If we start early enough with our kids, chances are they will grow up to make healthy decisions for themselves.

  17. Smoothies are such a fun way to get all those healthy nutrients!

  18. We really try and have the kids eat healthy.. But it seems like they only like the junk.. we need to make a conservative effort going forward.

  19. SO creative! Smoothies are a favorite here too.

  20. giving them some control over their choices will encourage healthy eating. Smoothies are great

  21. Eating healthy is so important, and so hard. I’m always looking for sneaky ways to get vegetables into my son!

  22. We are really focusing on eating healthier this year too. I love smoothies and think they are a great way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet.

  23. We love smoothies around my house too. It’s so easy to sneak healthy foods into them.

  24. Fantastic! I know it takes a lot of energy and the girls need a healthy diet

  25. What a cool idea! And the vlog looks amazing! Great work!

  26. Eating right definitely is the first step! Cheers to 2014!

  27. Great idea to make them create their own smoothies. I like to also make some homemade nut and oat bars for healthy snack options.

  28. I agree – I am all for smoothies. You can stick stuff in there that you would NEVER eat otherwise. Blend it all together and for some reason it works!

  29. I LOVE smoothies. I used to not like them but now they are some of my fave things!

  30. What an awesome message- thanks for sharing!

  31. I love smoothies too! My favorite is a whole banana, a bunch of mixed berries, with Greek yogurt and milk. So good!

  32. Great message! Eating right is so important. It is hard for kids to eat right when they are so busy.

  33. You and I have the same goal this year, I want all processed foods gone is one of my goals!

  34. Love positive messages. Great work.

  35. I sneak veggies into everything, especially spaghetti! I even make mashed potatoes with 1/2 potatoes and 1/2 cauliflower. You wouldn’t believe how good they are :)

  36. Inspiring post which is full of happiness and vigor. I love the your approach and it is very enthusiastic :P

  37. I’m amazed at what my kids will eat in a smoothie. It’s a great way to use up things that would otherwise go to waste, too!

  38. Awesome vlog. I have been eating right for about 2 weeks and I feel so much better.

  39. My kids and I all have fruit smoothies in the mornings!! It really helps to get our day going! My favorite is Strawberry Banana!!

  40. i love the smoothie idea! I wish my kids would drink them! Great message, I’m shocked to see a lot of the girls at my daughters dance eating nothing but junk and fast food. We don’t eat great but their bodies need better food for all the energy they use!

  41. You did so great on your first vlog for this year! I love your goals! I asked my husband about this elite sports band to see if he has heard of it and he has. Thanks for sharing!

  42. I don’t think to make those as often as I should and could. Your girls are super active so I’m glad you’re on top of nutrition.

  43. I love smoothies – I forget to make them. They are a great boost of energy. Eating right gives me so much more energy.

  44. Great message! I’ve been thinking about drinking more smoothies lately!

  45. It all comes down to eating right! If I don’t eat well, I feel like junk and it’s so hard to have a good day when you don’t feel well!

  46. Aww this makes me miss cheerleading a little! I used to be the captain of the varsity cheerleading team in highschool (only a 5 years ago). Ahh I am starting to get old! I really miss it!

  47. Your girls look not only very healthy but also gorgeous too :) I see why you are so thrilled about them and cheering them all the time :)

  48. Smoothies are an awesome way to sneak in veggies! My mom makes a green smoothie every day and it’s so good!

  49. This is great. I always encourage eating healthy and I’m glad that you’re doing the same as well. Smoothies are awesome I tell my kids. :)

  50. I wish I could put my girls in cheerleading! They have done the small ones from school but never for a big organization. As for this being your first Vlog, you did an an awesome job. I want to start Vlogging as well but I have no idea how to do it… guess google is a good place to start.

  51. Love this! My kids love to make their own smoothies. The most important thing at our house is to have healthy options ready to eat so they won’t reach for snack or junk food.

  52. Thank you for sharing this! I know a few of my dance students who would love to try this sports band out.

  53. I am trying to eat healthier as well, my boys don’t like new things but smoothies are the way to go. They will drink smoothies til the cows come home and never ask what’s in them!

  54. You present everything so clear and make it easy to understand. I think you and your daughters would be GREAT on actual TV :)

  55. katherine says:

    My entire family loves smoothies so we’re always eating them

  56. Great message. Making sure athletes are fueled with the healthiest and best foods they can have is so they can perform at their best.

  57. Talented young ladies need proper nutrition to remain successful and healthy. Great vlog.

  58. So important to be on top of your kids nutrition. Smoothies are amazing to sneak in all kinds of good stuff!

  59. I really want to get my daughter started in cheer

  60. David Boulware says:

    Looking forward to the “money saving” episode! When will the next episode be posted?

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