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Cheer Up with Cheer Mama Drama

I am so excited. This is definitely my best vlog yet. Maybe because I was doing something that I thoroughly love. We traveled to two of my daughters’ cheer competitions. This is my favorite part of the all-star cheer season. It is so much fun attending these events and watching the awesome teams and chatting with some amazing cheer parents.  This is an exciting time, but also an expensive time of year. Between gas, hotel, and food, our budget can be near a breaking point. Do not fear. Cheer Up is here to help you save some cash. There are lots of secrets that cheer veterans know to keep your money in your pocket.

My family had a blast over the week period that we attended two competition in two different states. This could have definitely put us in the poor house, but we know how to save some money.  My specialty is saving money on food. On this episode I get to introduce you to the ladies that gave me all my skills.  Angela and Laura pay us a visit and give us a tutorial on packing some fun snacks.  They blog at About A Mom and quite creative in the food department.  Packing a variety of snacks is the key.

After the competition we like skip the snack bar and find a nice restaurant for a good meal. Here is where I shine. I am the coupon queen. I have found some really great coupon books. You can find city specific coupon books filled with travel, entertainment, and yes, restaurant coupons. My favorite is the Enjoy the City books. So many great coupons,

We have food covered now we need to find a place to stay. I found an awesome cheer dad with an epic tip. Instead of  a hotel, round up a whole gang of  cheer families and rent a vacation home. Doug from Tumble Tree Twisters recommended and  What a great tip.

I had a ball doing this episode.  It was so fun traveling around with my girls and talking to some really great people Enjoy and happy saving.


  1. We do the same thing, but with gymnastics.. Sometimes i feel like it could drown us..

  2. Great tip to find a restaurant for a nice meal. I can’t wait for my daughter to be older so I can go to her little events :)

  3. I have one of those coupon books for south east Massachusetts. I love it because it’s filled with restaurants & activities for the kids. That’s a smart idea.

  4. My daughter starts cheer next week – she’s so excited! Great tips! :)

  5. I feel this same way but with dance, love all the tips and ideas.

  6. Great money saving tips. I am a marching band mom so every fall is competition season. Between tickets to get in and snacks and gas, the expense can be outrageous.

  7. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I always wondered if cheer leaders used back support! Thanks for letting us know about these money saving ideas, and on the go snack must haves!

  8. I too love saving at restaurants, I always do my homework and stock up on Groupons too… Somehow I always seem to luck out with some great places for half the cost.

  9. Thanks for the tips! Sounds like lots of fun. I love traveling with the kids!

  10. Just awesome tips and advice to save.

  11. These incredible tips can be used for more than cheer travel! I use the snack tips when traveling to visit family, since our family is all across the country. I will definitely use the other tips over the next year as well. I didn’t think about the vacation and rental homes, but that would save a lot of money when we’re staying for a week or more in the summer. Great tips.

  12. I love finding coupon books for a city we are going to visit. We always buy a local coupon book every year too. It saves us lots of money.

  13. I love to see cheer competitions. I bet it was fun saving money and having fun.

  14. you sure stay busy with supporting the girls in the cheering! I love how you are sharing tips for saving since competing in cheering as a sport can be costly so any savings you can do sure will help!

  15. What a fun show you have! Loved seeing Angela and Laura make an appearance. Cheer dad has a great hat/headpiece!

  16. I cannot wait for my daughters to get old enough for cheer leading. I will be signing them up.

  17. I loved watching your video!! I loved the tips you mentioned as well. When we’re in the city we love those city books and those lunch ideas were great, too.

  18. What a great video! Thank you for sharing. Love that you are combining spending time with your girls and saving money!

  19. I can see how that would really add up. These money saving tips and fun snack ideas are really good!

  20. I will definitely have to share this with my friend who spends all her time and money on her daughter’s cheer! She will really appreciate your advice.

  21. Great tips and yes group trips can get expensive!

  22. You are an excellent public speaker! Great tips, these may come in handy as my daughter becomes more involved with dance.

  23. Great tips, for the food bring lots of snacks and a cooler with sandwiches.

  24. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! We have 5 children 8 years and under, and I can see how everything is really starting to add up.

  25. Some of the tips can translate to other aspects of our lives: like traveling or lodging. Keeping healthy snacks for long trips will keep everyone in good spirits. And lodging, we’ve been planning on traveling to Utah with some friends and renting a house big enough to fit us all!

  26. This is great!! Always looking for ways to save money but still be able to do the things we want!!!

  27. It’s funny how the longer your kids are in cheer the more financially savvy you become. Great tips. I’m learning new ways to save money all the time myself.

  28. Chasity Boatman says:

    Great tips!

  29. We’ve used a number of times. Great for larger groups or extended families on vacation.

  30. I agree about those coupon books! I also love them because they always get me to try something new.

  31. What a great experience for the girls! Glad you’ve learned how to save money because it can definitely break the bank. We were a volleyball family and know what it’s like!

  32. awesome tips! we are hoping to do a road trip this summer w the kids so this will be handy.

  33. VRBO is a GREAT website and a great resource….thanks for sharing!

  34. What fun! These tips would work for my son’s wrestling competitions too!

  35. My favorite thing to save money eating out is using an Entertainment book!

  36. The tips you gave here are god for all sports moms.

  37. I love reading your blog, as an ex-cheer leader. So happy to hear this weekends competitions went well!

  38. They are thinking of cutting the cheerleading program here because of lack of numbers.

  39. Great tips! I don’t have any cheerleaders in my family, but my daughter does horse-backing riding and that adds up too. It’s always great to hear of money-saving ideas from others. Thanks for sharing!

  40. My daughter is begging me to do dance/gymnastics/cheering right now! Looks like a lot of fun!

  41. These are fantastic tips, especially about the coupon booklet! I bet the costs really ad up with these competitions!

  42. These are great tips! I could definitely use some of them! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Awesome tips. I am sure you are so proud of your girls, but I couldn’t imagine how expensive it must be!

  44. My kids aren’t in sports yet, but mine are only 2 and 4. I can just imagine how much time is spent at these things, but its so good for them.

  45. Great tips and we love the City books.. I have a few for different towns around here and we use them a lot (Since we are in between Tampa and Orlando it’s nice to have one for each..haha)…thanks for sharing and I always love to come over and see what your daughter is up to…

  46. Sounds like such a great time, but I am sure it can get super pricey. Great savings tips!!

  47. These are fantastic tips! What a great way to save money

  48. Thanks for the tips. My daughter wants to get into cheerleading.

  49. Great tips, will share with some of my neighbors who have girls who cheer!

  50. I could see how the costs could really add up. You have a lot of great tips!

  51. Fun….I have loved watching the competitions on tv since I was a little girl!

  52. That is a great tip. I love the idea of renting the house.

  53. Great tip!

  54. Great tips! And I’m so glad to see you are having fun and enjoying the season with your beautiful daughters. Hoping you all the best!

  55. The vacation rental house tip is genius! The other tips are good,too, but that one is brilliant.

  56. That sounds like a lot of fun! And great tips. Best luck Chrishelle!

  57. Looks fun! Your daughters are pretty and they look happy in the picture :)

  58. Saving while traveling can be hard, for sure! Your tips are helpful. I also like to see if there are Entertainment books for the cities we travel to, and also check the hotel lobbies for those books of coupons for local places. It also doesn’t hurt to ask the desk clerk, who can give you recommendations and sometimes has coupons, too!

  59. I’m going to have to check out the ‘Enjoy the City’ books. I love me a good savings. :)

  60. I love those coupon books! I am all about coupons wherever and whenever I can use them. Who doesn’t love to save money, and especially with so much traveling to cheer competitions, I can totally see why you are the coupon queen!

  61. teresa mccluskey says:

    These are some great tips! I plan on having my girls be cheerleaders as they get older so these are great tips!

  62. It’s awesome to save where you can. Specially with all of the travelling you gals do. Awesome tips!

  63. Great tips for saving money. I can imagine it would quickly add up otherwise, and like you said, put you in the poorhouse!

  64. Our friends daughter is in cheerleading -she spent this past weekend in Atlanta. She loves cheering!

  65. None of my kids really do anything that require much travel… but I do miss my oldest being in special choir and going to all her performances. Even if it meant far too many evenings driving to places I’ve never been!

  66. We would like to travel more with our two boys. These tips would make our money go further!

  67. Looks like you had so much fun making this! I love your tips and ideas to save money. that is so smart. Thanks for sharing :)

  68. Every little bit to save money helps! We’ve cut some corners here ourselves to save done change, but it adds up!

  69. I bet those trips are fun! We travel around for soccer.

  70. What great tips, I keep finding blogs about saving money tonight maybe I should take a hint! Thanks for sharing these with me!

  71. We travel a ton and have found that we can cook amazing meals in our hotel room for a lot less than we’d pay at a restaurant. (We have 6 in our family). We pack our electric griddle, our crockpot, and our vitamix and we can make a ton of different foods! Our favorite hotel food is quesadillas!

  72. These are great tips….I imagine it gets so expensive! But worth it!

  73. Great idea about getting City Specific Coupon books for a selection of restaurant deals. Nice job on the Vlog!

  74. How wonderful! What a great thing for the girls. I love watching the cheer leading competitions on TV!

  75. Jacqueline says:

    Ahh, I loovveee cheerleaders! I cheered when I was little and always watched the competitions on tv when they were on! I have a local city book for my area (Ft. Lauderdale) and have purchased so many buy one get ones through it! Saving money on food is the key to me staying out of debt!

  76. Great tips! I think getting a house with a bunch of families could have been fun/stressful for us!! LOL!

  77. I’m definitely going to share this with my niece. Her little girl is in cheer and they spend a fortune going to competitions. Traveling can be expensive, especially when you have kids.

  78. I Use these tips, even at home. I love the Savvy Shopping booklets – all local!

  79. We love entertainment coupon books. Great tips!

  80. Great tips and advice! Thanks for sharing!

  81. Great tips for traveling and saving $$ . We don’t travel for sports yet but I know some of these tips can help with vacations and work travel too.

  82. VRBO is awesome! We rented a house in the Keys for a week instead of a hotel. It was so much cheaper.

  83. I used to buy those coupon books for the Illinois area. I think it’s time to start again. Great tips!

  84. My bff travels with her kids for their swim meets and costs add up quickly! I like the idea of hunting down restaurant coupons to help save a little while away from home!

  85. Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I grew up dancing and twirling the baton, so we were always traveling from here to there. You guys remind me of my sister, my mom, and me!

  86. Eliz Frank says:

    Thee are great tips and ideas… I’m not familiar with twirling meets but your girls look stoked. ;-)

  87. It’s great that you are able to participate in all of these events and not break the bank by saving the money :) Those coupon books sound perfect!

  88. Great tips! I love the tip about the vacation rental home!

  89. How fun to travel to two competitions! Great idea for a vlog, too.

  90. These Are Awesome Ideas Great Ways To Save Thank You!

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